Interior Design in Naples – Make Your House a Home Post-Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma made its way across the state of Florida, it didn’t just impact houses. Memories, safe havens, and dreamy escapes were washed away. It can be difficult to make your house feel like home again after a natural disaster. But, there are some special touches that our designers use to make a place feel welcoming. Here are four easy-to-implement options that will make your interior design  in Naples feel like turning to a fresh page:

Roll Out Rugs

If you are looking to make your home feel cozy and comfortable again, the floor is the best place to start. Welcome guests and keep the inviting tone throughout by sectioning open floor plans with large area rugs. This is also a great way to add texture and color.

Place Personal Accents

redesign-in-naples-post-hurricane | How can a redesign in Naples make my house feel like home?

Redesign in Naples Florida Post Hurricane Irma

If you’re needing to purchase new furniture and repaint walls, it is not uncommon to feel out of place in your own space. If you have personal pieces that are familiar, they can instantly make a house feel like yours.

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Gather Your Greenery

Bring peace into what has recently been a stressful area. Touches of fresh plants and flowers can breathe life into a room. So, caddy corner an element of greenery or center a vase filled with colorful blooms.

Layer Soft Textiles

If you want your home to be somewhere people feel at ease in, consider building up your stock of throw pillows and blankets. Knit, woven, crushed velvet, and so on – soft textiles can balance out minimalism or create a shabby chic vibe. Overall, these elements can act as a finishing touch for turning a house into a home.

Is Your Home in Need of a Redesign in Naples?

Working with the Naples community for over 20 years, the effects of the storm were felt by our team and clients. Our 55,000-square foot facility in Palm Beach Gardens hosts an array of décor styles and is sure to have elements your home needs. To learn more about how we can assist you with your interior design in Naples, contact us today!


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