Palm Beach Architecture

Palm Beach was founded to increase the success of Henry M. Flagler’s hotel, as well as the economy that would soon be structured around it. He was looking to expand the railroad line South. Focused around The Palm Beach Inn, now known as The Breakers, Palm Beach was developed. Since the Palm Beach community was centered around The Breakers, it had a large influence on Palm Beach Architecture and Development.

Palm Beach Architecture was mainly inspired by the style of The Breakers, which is both Mediterranean Revival and Mission Revival. Mediterranean Revival consists of a combination of multiple styles, a few of those being: Spanish Colonial, Italian Renaissance, Spanish Renaissance, and Beaux Arts.  The influence of Spanish Colonial and Spanish Renaissance styles on the Palm Beach Architecture is found in the simplicity of the design, as well as the often used stucco exterior. The Beaux Arts design influenced the Palm Beach Architecture with its use of symmetry and arches. The low sloping roofs, often with beams exposed underneath, are an example of how Mission Revival is used throughout Palm Beach Architecture.


Just as local trends and styles often impact society, the Mediterranean Revival and Mission Revival made their impact on the Palm Beach Architecture. The styles impacted everything from residential architecture to the growing economy. Once WWII was over, migration became increasingly popular, with many people returning to South Florida. This led to the development of West Palm Beach. As the Palm Beach community developed and expanded, the Palm Beach Architecture continued to evolve with society’s architectural demands. Today, we still see the underlying principles of the iconic Palm Beach Architecture that we know.  Clematis Street in West Palm Beach is seen as the merging of the two styles. The buildings still have the details and materials from the traditional Palm Beach Architecture, while incorporating the early Twentieth century commercial needs. The Modern Interior Design and Architecture is increasing in its popularity. We are still seeing those touches of Mediterranean Revival in Modern Architecture however, they are now incorporated with the sustainable and advanced features we have in today’s society. The combination of the Palm Beach Architecture with today’s modern advancements allows Palm Beach and the surrounding area to house a variety of urban and sophisticated residents.

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