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Often when people think of Palm Beach Interior Design, or even Southern Florida in general, they think of the older Floridian design. By that I mean wicker furniture, glass-topped tables, palm leaf wallpaper, bamboo or floral printed textiles and a combination of colors. If you have any knowledge of Dorothy Draper and her style, she may be one that comes to mind when thinking of Palm Beach Interiors. She was not timid about her designs; Draper helped pioneer the use of palm leaf and floral patterns, which were often accompanied by her use of a wide array of colors. Draper was one of the most iconic and influential players in interior design history. She was able to make a name for herself, as well as affect the way interior design would be shaped in the future. However in the recent years, Palm Beach Interiors have grown to incorporate many different design cues from all over.

palm beach interiors

Palm Beach Interiors and Design have been further developed and refined over the last few decades. They still include the vibrant prints, the bold use of colors, and the antique charm that older designs had. However, today there is a more modern use of color with a tailored style, but yet more relaxed than the Palm Beach Interiors of past were known
for. Rattan has taken the place of wicker in today’s Palm Beach Interiors; however, it is used sparingly compared to the use of wicker in the past. Bold colors and patterns are used but in a more graceful manner. The colors are used in more effective locations where they are not so overwhelming to a person. A more refined color palette is just another recent adoption to Palm Beach Interior styling.

All style evolves; often styles even pull from the trends of the past. The general style of “Palm Beach Interiors” has evolved and grown throughout time. Even with many new additions to the design culture, Palm Beach life is always a constant. Designers will always strive to bring class and beauty to your laid-back tropical oasis.

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