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Blending Traditional and Modern Design to Create Transitional Interior Design

Don't Choose, Blend

Do you find it hard to pinpoint a single style when designing your home? You may be leaning toward traditional, neutral tones yet indulging in simple, modern accessories. Great news, you don’t have to choose between the two. With a transitional design style, your home can be the perfect blend of the elements you love in modern and traditional design.

What is Transitional Interior Design?

Transitional interior design beautifully blends the staples of traditional design and the bold details of modern design. The outcome of this pairing is a clean and uncluttered space that still feels warm and familiar.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are essential in traditional and modern design, making it easy to combine the two styles. With shades of creams, greys, and browns, you can create a room that feels both crisp and cozy. Therefore, you can indulge in the bold statement of a sleek marble table while balancing the room by adding tufted chairs with high backs and metal nail heads.

Natural Textures

Natural textures and materials are must-have elements in transitional design. Wood, glass, rattan, open-weave fabrics, and metals are great options. These textured materials will play with your neutral color palette well and give your room depth and dimension.

Limited Accessories

With the transitional design, you don’t need additional elements to make an impact. So, instead of cluttering your shelves and surfaces with knick-knacks, choose a handful of subtle, significant pieces to complete a space. Or, opt for one or two unique items that make a statement.

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