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Cocktail-Table Styling Tips

Cocktail-Table Styling Tips: How to Curate Your Space 

The cocktail table is often the center of the room and offers an opportunity to showcase your personality and interests. This month, we join super-talented Creative Director Joan Thompson for step-by-step tips on how to style a cocktail table.

Let’s follow Joan on her journey to the final edit:

  1. FIRST BASE: Start with a beautiful table you adore! Options abound for cocktail tables of all shapes and sizes in endless finishes. Connect here to see our amazing selection.
  2. NEW HEIGHTS: Add books and boxes to create varying heights. Boxes offer interesting textures and sizes. Use books that reflect your personality and interests (stacked from largest to smallest). Insider tip: Why not leave a book open to a page you love?
  3. GREEN LIGHT: Always place “something green” on your table. Need some inspo? Try fresh-cut flowers, bowls of moss, oversized tropical leaves, or branches gathered from the yard.
  4. DRAMATIC MOMENT: Create a focus with an interesting decorative object (or a grouping of three). Choose objects that are modern, organic, or an unexpected mix of the two! Ideas include; sculptures, cordless lighting, ceramic or glass vessels, bowls, or candles. Focus on showcasing different shapes, sizes & textures.
  5. READY, SET, COLLECT: Show off your personality with a collection; seashells gathered on the beach or antiques from your travels. Display a collection that has personal meaning to you. Use a tray to add texture and organize your treasures.
  6. LESS IS MORE! A statement piece, a few meaningful objects, and a couple of books create a curated look. Think about dividing your table into quadrants and only covering about 50%. You need to leave room for a cocktail!
upholstered cocktail table

An upholstered cocktail table complete with a lacquered tray insert is a great place to start. Layered with a fashion book, decorative Sklo knot, oversized marble sculpture, and palm leaves.

cocktail-table styling tips decorative items

Choosing decorative items with a personality helps create a dramatic moment. Combining unexpected items provides interest and tells a “story”.

cocktail table tap light

This Pinetti leather tray is poised on a unique glass cocktail table. Make a neutral palette interesting by mixing finishes and highlighting luxury items. A tap light is an unexpected (and useful!) touch.

green shagreen table

Joan plays with scale by combining a large chain with three artful ceramic vessels and “something green”. Books add height to an intricate decorative item. The woven basket provides a thoughtful contrast to the green shagreen table.

A tray with barware

Mixed finishes and an organized layout come together to create this moment. A tray with barware, layered books adding height to a candle, and a clear decorative element show off this classic dark wood table.

Insider Tip:

Joan suggests moving items around and trying different options. Remember to add special pieces along the way. The table should look edited, curated, and organized. The end goal? Your cocktail table looks effortless and personal.

Not into DIY? Connect with Joan and let her style your table or bookshelves! Connect here.

We look forward to getting to know you & helping you design the home of your dreams.

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