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New Year, New Space

New Year, New Space: 2024 Design Trends

With the new year, comes a desire for a fresh start. Whether it’s a minor refresh or a complete re-do, making your home an inspired space (that is a reflection of you!) becomes a priority. With the constant evolution of design, and often fleeting trends, we are sifting through the exciting landscape ahead for you. So go ahead, pull up a chair, and let’s get the insider scoop. With super talent, comes super creative thoughts and our design team is ready to share. We surveyed our roster of designers to get their predictions for the coming year. Let’s see what they uncovered.


We asked Cheryl Sweeney, Senior Interior Designer at The Decorators Unlimited, for her design trend prediction for the new year, and her answer was a resounding, “Texture!”

Cheryl tells us, “It’s all about texture… mixing materials such as boucle, woven materials, wood and stone patterns, and textured wallcoverings”. Adding texture showcases visual interest and a layered approach.

Texture is a notable way to add depth to any interior. Cheryl is focused on creating spaces that emphasize dimension and feels more organic pieces are a big trend for the upcoming year. 


A living room with white furniture and wooden walls.

An inspired mix of boucle fabric, lacquered pieces, natural wood finishes, and stone create a modern, luxurious space. (Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

A large bedroom with a bed, chair and window.

Rich Color, Moody Spaces

Tanner Villani, Senior Interior Designer, is looking forward to creating a fresh vibe for his clients in the coming year. “I’m excited about richer colors and moodier spaces. I like playing up the drama and customizing the mood of a space to reflect my client”.

Tanner thinks this will be a exceptional year for his client’s personality to shine, “I think it will be a more individualistic approach to design as opposed to what we have been seeing for the past few years in the mainstream.”

We can not wait to see how Tanner uses this trend in his upcoming projects.

A dining room with blue chairs and a large table

Custom lighting and saturated color create a curated design that resonates with the latest trends. (Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

A dining room with large windows and a table

Simplicity at its best; luxurious fabrics, refined furniture, and exceptional light fixtures. (Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

Quiet Luxury

“I think the trend will be ‘Quiet Luxury’, the mindset that appreciates the beauty of simplicity and authenticity” reports Senior Interior Designer, Lisa Lalaounis. “The approach of exquisite experiences rather than flamboyant extravagances. Focusing on the finer details of sophistication that doesn’t need to shout to be noticed”.

Lisa has already seen this trend take shape. “For example, more recently in two of my projects for this year, my clients have requested minimal ceiling detailing, a ‘less is more’ concept.” 

A room with many different types of shoes on the wall.

Adding elements of your personal history and interests creates a timeless space. (Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

Understated Elegance

Lisa is always inspired to elevate her designs for her clients. She explains, “It’s a more curated design that I prefer, such as using an unexpected piece or a family heirloom that you can build the room around. I am excited to see that it will be a trend that aligns with the way I design for my clients.” ‘Quiet Luxury’ for 2024 transcends a trend into timeless design.

“My forecast for the coming year is focused on an uncluttered aesthetic that champions essential elements and negative space. It’s a lifestyle that celebrates a sense of tranquility, peace, and comfort. The understated confidence where the discerning individual values refined taste.” 

A bedroom with a large wall hanging and a bench

Unexpected Choices

With a new year, comes a time to take design risks. Roy Davis, Senior Interior Designer at The Decorators Unlimited, is excited about making bold moves. For instance, Roy told us, “Wallcoverings are not just for walls. Ceilings are a great way to show off your personal style.”

We are inspired by Roy’s creative (and trend-setting!) approach to interior design.

A large wall with a fireplace in the middle of it

Wallcoverings are surprising us in unexpected ways; to create a lively statement wall (left). A stone masterpiece (above) creates a dramatic focus to a private residence. (Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

“Focusing on the finer details of sophistication that doesn’t need to shout to be noticed” — Lisa Lalaounis, Senior Interior Designer

A room with several glass pieces hanging on the wall.

A pop of color creates a stunning moment in this private residence.
(Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

Color Ahead

Senior Interior Designer, Emily Iwaskewycz is looking forward to adding color to her interiors. “We have gotten used to neutral interiors, but get ready to see some fun pops of color in 2024.” 

The new year is sure to bring a fresh palette of inspiration. “I am currently working on a kitchen with beautiful blue accents in the cabinetry.”

A bar with four blue chairs in front of a wall.

An inspired mix of details; shiny metals, rare stone, and custom cabinetry. (Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

Details Matter

Emily is adding bespoke details for her clients to customize their homes. “We are moving away from a strictly minimalist look.” In 2024, Emily plans to focus on the details. “In my upcoming projects, I’m adding details to custom cabinetry with metal inlays, and adding interest to wall and ceiling details with warm wood tones, lighting and texture.” Now that is modern luxury.

New Year, New Hot Color

A peach colored swatch of fabric.

Peach Fuzz for the win!

And the winner is….

PANTONE 13-1023 “Peach Fuzz”. Described by Pantone as a “velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul”.

A warm and happy color, Peach Fuzz is making its mark as a shade that “resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.”

Sounds like a winner to us!

Color of the Year: Q&A with Jennifer Clark, Senior Interior Designer

From Fashion to Furniture

After noticing this hue hit the runways at Gucci and Prada, we are excited to see how it will be conceptualized in interior design. With that in mind, we asked The Decorators Unlimited’s trend-spotting Senior Interior Designer Jennifer Clark, to share her thoughts on this peachy-pink selection.

A bedroom with a large window and pink walls

Warm colors create a cozy, yet thoroughly modern, atmosphere. 
(Interior Design: The Decorators Unlimited)

Q. What can you tell us about this new hot color?

JC: Peach Fuzz will be the perfect complement for interior design trends in 2024. This warm shade evokes a cozy atmosphere and will embrace the earthy palettes that are prevalent for this year. This inviting hue pairs well with the organic environment that is trending.

Q. What interior design trends are you excited about?

JC: Fluid organic shapes are going to be seen everywhere. Bold curved and chunky silhouettes are found on plushy upholstery and case goods; conveying a sculpturesque feel.

Q. Will you incorporate Peach Fuzz in your design?

JC: Yes! Peach Fuzz will marry well with trending chocolate brown and natural wood tones, both cerused and distressed. It can easily be used as the canvas for a room or the chunky tactile woven elements on upholstery and area rugs. There are fabulous artisan handmade woven, painted, and adorned wallcoverings.

Q. What complements this peachy-pink color?

JC: Peach Fuzz is a natural addition alongside the creams, browxns, and muted greens that have been introduced for 2024. Linen, plaster, and concrete oversized shape pendant lighting will also display nicely with Peach Fuzz as its backdrop.

Q. Any last thoughts?

JC: This palette has a bit of a nod to the past. It will be a nice diversion from the cooler greys we have seen. Its familiar tone will showcase artisan pieces and cast a glow to help soften the modern room.

Q. We can’t wait to see what you design in 2024.

JC: I am excited to use this 2024 color of the year in my current and future projects!

A wooden staircase with glass railing in the middle of it.

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