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Primary Bedroom Design Tips

Top 4 Design Tips for The Primary Bedroom

from Interior Designer Emily Iwaskewycz

Even though we spend the majority of our time in the primary bedroom sleeping, we can still incorporate eye-catching details to create a “wow factor.” Here are four pro tips to turn your bedroom into a haven.

  • Make your headboard wall the focal point of your bedroom using textured wallpaper or wall paneling. Show off your personality by including statement pieces like boldly designed lamps or sculptural fixtures.

  • Make sure your bedroom sets the tone from sunrise to sunset. Add sheer drapery for a spa-like feel allowing for natural light during the day. On the other hand, motorized blackout shades are an excellent investment for ensuring a restful night’s sleep. If using shades, drapery pockets are recommended to conceal them during the day.

  • Adding seating at the foot of your bed or in a separate nook area is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine at the end of the day. When possible, I like to include a morning bar so my clients can easily get their caffeine fix.

  • While we tend to concentrate a lot on the floor and walls, often, we overlook the ceiling. A simple, bare ceiling can become an essential design element that can enhance your room. The right architectural ceiling design will provide an unexpected visual counterpoint for a dramatic appearance.

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