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Seasonal Home Décor – How to Create a Cozy Patio for Winter

Our eyes gravitate toward warmer elements as our temperatures dip and our northern counterparts make their way down south. But, in Florida, it’s not always an option to completely redecorate for a few months of weather forecasts calling for the mid-60s! So how can you achieve all the dreamy looks of seasonal home décor without the hassle of a complete makeover? Here are five elements your outdoor patio needs for winter weather hosting:

Natural Elements

While Florida will never see a graceful snowfall like the Midwest, you can still draw inspiration from their décor. Natural elements, like wood furniture, add character to a downhome ambiance.

Warm Lighting Features

You can’t go wrong with a chic firepit, unique lanterns, or clusters of candles. The warmth of a firepit can reach all of your guests for a toasty sit-down, while candles offer a whimsical and understated finish.

Inviting Pillows & Throws

Keep your sitting area relaxed and snug with an array of pillows and throws. This instant update can be swapped every season with little commitment. However, you can use this to add a pop of color and comfort!

Textured Rugs

Outdoor rugs are a must when decorating an outdoor eating or sitting area for the winter. This makes the outside feel more homey and welcoming. Use textures, like woven materials, for an inviting feel.

Lush Greenery

Make an open space feel cozier by placing full and lush greenery around sitting areas. This will close the space, trapping warmth and creating an intimate atmosphere.

Are You Looking for Seasonal Home Décor?

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