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Transitional Design in Manalapan Oceanfront Property

After working hard for the last two years, this magnificent and massive new construction home is complete!

Located in Manalapan, Florida, this spectacular residence was designed and built from the ground up into what is now a residential property featuring both ocean and intercoastal waterway views. Alongside Decorators Unlimited, the talented team on this incredible project includes RWB Construction Management and The Benedict Bullock Group.

Regardless of the square footage, the client’s overall vision and goal for this space were to end with a home that felt cozy. Our team exceeded the client’s expectations by taking the spaces and making them feel comfortable rather than overwhelming and daunting. In addition, the color palette included soft and natural tones blended with colors inspired by the sky and sea.

Senior Interior Designer Christine Churchill says her favorite part of this project was the team’s collaboration. “Between working with the clients, the builder, and the architect, the entire effort and process flowed seamlessly, making the execution of this project flawless. I have been working with Decorators Unlimited for 28 years, and due to how cooperative this project was, I can confidently say it was my favorite project to design.

“As for the home’s interior, the family room, breakfast room, and kitchen area all together have to be my favorite space because it’s such an open floorplan, yet contains intimate gathering spaces within.”

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